Save Hours Of Work With These 5 Custom React Hooks

Should I Attend My Class Reunion?

Good grief… people I haven’t talked to, or heard from, for close to fifty(50) years are asking me to attend a class reunion this summer! I received that request, by email, from someone in my high school graduating class, from the decade of the (1960s), Why should I give a thought, to the possibility of attending?

Be Prepared for the Unique Challenges of Teaching Online

Teaching online may seem appealing because of the perception of convenience and the availability of jobs when compared to traditional colleges and universities. It may also seem easy to teach a class online when a course shell has already been developed and a syllabus provided for you. However, this is a unique learning environment that can either be flat and one-dimensional with minimal interactivity or it can be two-dimensional and highly interactive. The challenges associated with creating an atmosphere that is conducive to learning includes how you teach, what you teach, how you develop an active presence, and the skills needed to work in this technologically enhanced classroom environment.

Some Great Benefits of Online Learning

Training is a continuous process. We learn something new every day. In the corporate environment we need to learn continuously if we want to grow. If we stop learning in the corporate environment then it can surely impact our professional growth. While we talk about effective ways of learning, we cannot neglect or avoid e-learning courses. For new age learners it is the path forward. Online learning leads to a new world of opportunities with the features it has. Today e-learning can cater to any learning need and can help any person who wants to study.

12 Years A Slave And Dyslexia

12 Years A Slave is a fascinating story and Academy Award winning movie about slavery in the antebellum south. In this article, we investigate why slaveholders feared their slaves becoming literate and how the illiteracy of slaves has some correlation to dyslexics in the twenty first century.

Key Aspects Concerning Families for Beginners Undertaking Revit Architecture Training

The article discusses fundamental aspects related to Revit families and aims to bring clarity to this concept, particularly for students and professionals new to Revit Architecture, including those considering taking up training courses for the same. It also sheds light on different categories of families in Revit Architecture and highlights the difference between family instances and family types.

Custom Learning Development From External Resources: Does It Work for You?

With the acceptance of e-learning permeating every corner of the corporate world, the need for high-quality custom e-courseware development increases. Even organizations which specialize in developing e-learning solutions often prefer the route of developing their course-ware through external resources that provide e-learning services in order to keep up with the pace of demand and restrictive time-lines. The development of custom e-learning through external sources saves up a lot of time and effort.

E-Learning Solutions for Customized Learning

Training and Learning is an integral part of the corporate world and is a continuous process. But providing continuous training for specific learner requirements is often a challenge. For sudden and targeted learning needs, e-learning services are often the answer and customized e-learning solutions are effective.

Preparing For IIT JEE – Choosing the Right Strategy

Getting admission into an IIT is a dream for every engineering aspirant in India. It is the benchmark to judge all the engineering aspirants of where they stand in the crowd and easily skims the brighter and the meritorious students from the mediocre lot of students.

Top 6 Online Tutoring Firms Identified by Wall Street Journal

As online tutoring firms come to age they begin flex their technical muscles and dispel perceived disadvantages. This has caught the attention of mainstream media outlets like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Importance of Alphabet Recognition and How to Teach Your Toddlers the Alphabet

If you were born three millennia ago in ancient Egypt and knew how to read the alphabet, you would be a rich man. The priests – people who knew the written language – constituted a powerful class.

How to Publish Your Doctoral Dissertation

Thinking about publishing your doctoral dissertation? Academic publishing can be a bit overwhelming especially if one does not know where to start. I am going to share with you three strategies to help you make a decision on how you would like to publish your own dissertation.

Online Paralegal Degree – Factors to Consider

Among the online degree programs available, Paralegal is a popular choice. Options that are available are a Paralegal Certificate, Paralegal Associate’s Degree, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Paralegal.

Cultivate Engaging Online Class Discussions With Guided Anchors

For an online class discussion is the instructor that sets the tone and serves as a role model for what it means to be present and engaged in the discussion. Students look to these posts for guidance and feedback, especially when they are struggling with articulating their thoughts or working with the subject matter. An instructor that posts well-developed and well-researched participation messages will bring in supplemental resources and add their experience so that the topics come to life and are applicable to the real world. Because this is a time consuming process instructors need a specific strategy to make the process both manageable and meaningful. Instructors can cultivate engaging online class discussions with guided ANCHORS.

Why Do You Watch Online Academic Videos?

It is truly amazing the number of people signing up for online college courses. Of course, with those huge numbers of enrollees there are a huge number of folks that never complete the classes. Why you ask? Well, one is because a good number of them are very inexpensive, sometimes free so there isn’t a lot of skin in the game. However, I’d like to postulate a different idea because I have watched countless class videos at the college and university level to satisfy my curiosity.

All About ISO Certifications

A Lead Auditor is responsible for making certification assessments and preparing audit reports in an orderly fashion. Furthermore, he/she is also required to prepare reports concluding the audit and scores based on set principles.

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