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Interactive Learning Methods Imparting Knowledge

Nowadays, organizations spend huge amount of money in providing training to their employees. Employers not only train the new recruits but also provide training to their existing employees.

Improvisations to Make Distance Learning in India for Better GER

Distance learning has grown in shape and size, and at present accounts for 22% of the total GER of students in the higher education segment. Considering the needs of the Indian mass, who want to pursue higher education, while continuing to work, distance education can be the bridge for aspiring students/working professionals to achieve their dreams.

How to Make Self-Study an Effective and Enriching Process? Tips for Distance Learning Students

In the absence of a tutor or regular classroom sessions, self-study is a predominant method of learning and preparation. This pattern of study is very much evident amongst distance learning students, who interface with their faculty only on “requirement” basis.

The Simple Equation That Leads to Revelation

This article would let people established which strong leader that we all should bow to. Also, the equation that reveals revelation is tackled in this article.

The Preposition – What It Is and How to Use It

In English grammar, a preposition plays very important role. It connects the noun or pronoun with the other parts of a sentence to make it meaningful. There are many prepositions which are used to talk about time, place & direction of a noun or pronoun, few of them are common.

Pinnacle Studio Training

Pinnacle Studio is a software program made by Avid Technology. It’s a leading video editing technology, and when used in the right way, you can get professional type quality from affordably priced tools, and right from your own home computer. In order to make the most of your software, you’ll need the right training and tutorials to help get you started, otherwise you’ll never be able to get the results you’d like.

Adobe Premiere Elements Training

Adobe Premiere Elements is one of the best home or consumer type of video editing software programs available right now. In fact, it’s apparently the number 1 selling video editing software for home usage over the past few years. It has a lot to offer, and you’ll be able to do some really great things. But you’ll need to know how to get started with the right kind of background, training and step by step tutorials to allow you to accomplish what you’re setting out to do.

Is Online Education Racing Past Traditional Classroom Learning?

  A survey conducted by the SRI International for the Department of Education, has found out that “On average, students in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction.” The survey was conducted with the purpose of finding out the percentage of students voting in favor of or against online education. The revelation, according to many industry experts, was starkly apparent, with a majority of students voting in favor of online learning.

Silencer Paint Exhaust Systems and Silencers Require Heat and Corrosion Resistant Coatings

There are many types of exhaust systems that require silencers. These silencers protect against noise, dust and pollution while providing filtration systems. No matter which exhaust system and silencer required, these can get very hot. A heat resistant paint / coating is needed for exhaust systems that will also be weather and corrosion resistant.

Seth the Ancient Egyptian God of Storms and the Desert

Seth was the ancient Egyptian god of storms, the desert, and chaos. He was known as the god who murdered his own brother in a jealous rage.

An In-Depth Overview of Online Dental Assistant Programs

These days, it has become quite easy for people to learn about online dental assistant programs from the comfort of their home. Students who do not want to study at a normal pace can take advantage of these programs. In fact, students interested in qualifying for certification exams will benefit from these programs too.

Osiris the Ancient Egyptian God of the Afterlife

Osiris was the ancient Egyptian god of the afterlife, underworld and dead. He was thought of Egypt’s greatest king who ruled with kindness and persuasion.

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

Ancient Egyptian pyramids are so amazing. Why did the Egyptians build the pyramid? Keep reading to find out more.

Ancient Egyptian Laws

The ancient Egyptian judicial process began with the pharaoh. He was the head of the legal system and the one responsible for creating regulations, providing justice and also sustaining law and order.

Interferons: A Review Article Especially With Immunological Orientation

Interferons are present naturally inside the body, whereas these can also be synthesized using Recombinant techniques. Here, we will be discussing about their key roles and various actions.

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