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What Does it Mean to Get My High School Diploma Today?

People shouldn’t just focus on the mantra of “get my high school diploma,” without looking at the worth of an ordinary high school diploma these days. A fully accredited diploma from a privately funded online school may be a better option.

Improve Your Life By Getting An Online Radiology Degree

Would you like a career in the health care industry? Read more to learn about getting an online radiology degree.

Online Schools – How to Find the Perfect Online School (Don’t Enroll Until You Read This)

Online Schools now provide a means of earning an eduction from the convenience of your home that is both respected and accepted. The total number of online schools and colleges currently offering bachelors degree programs is increasing all the time and there are now literally hundreds to choose from. Because of this, choosing the best online school for your particular needs is often a difficult task for anyone looking to pursue an online education. However once you know what to look for, it is not as hard as you might think.

Meeting Your E-Learning ROI

Good e-learning requires an instructional design process but you don’t have to follow a long drawn out traditional systematic process. You can shorten the cycle, particularly if you are converting existing classroom materials to e-learning.

Online Cooking Schools Are a Tasty Option

Online cooking schools are a flexible and inexpensive way to fit your cooking lessons around your lifestyle. No more missing class or getting stuck in traffic. You can study in the comfort of your own kitchen.

How Much Do Online MBAs Cost?

Getting an MBA or Masters of Business Administration has become a popular way of attaining this graduate degree without the time or cost of going through the full time school experience. So just how much does an Online MBA cost?

Is an Online MBA Right For Me?

One of the biggest questions I’m often asked is whether pursuing a Masters in Business Administration through a distance learning program is the right thing to do for them? In this article I thought I’d outline the most common reasons people choose to pursue this Masters Degree online instead of through a traditional bricks and mortar university.

How Much Does an Online Degree Cost?

A large number of people have not had a chance to attend a traditional college or university but seek the increased earning potential and career advancement that a Bachelor Degree affords. Still others might have a degree in one discipline but would like to pursue something they now have an interest in. But just how much does getting an online degree cost?

Ecourse Training – How to Make Money in Any Niche With Your Free eCourse

I get asked all the time “How do I make money with my free ecourse?” The answer may be a bit different than you would believe. First of all, you have to create your ecourse on whatever topic you would like. I would encourage you to stick with a topic you know. Something you don’t have to think to much about because it’s something you like.

Criminal Justice – The Subject of Terrorism

Over the last decade terrorism has become a widely studied subject in its own right, as well as an optional unit on many more general criminal justice courses. This is not only a consequence of its development as a label used by mass-media and politicians, but also due to the increase in accessibility of niche and specialist subjects via the recent immersion of e-Learning and online courses. So what does a course about terrorism teach you?

The University of London External Program – A Pioneering Institution With a Spirit

Last month the Open University celebrated its 40th anniversary to much fanfare. However, despite the OU’s acknowledged influence on higher education then and since, the institution that started it all was established over 100 years before. So why was The University of London External Program established? And during this era of recession, adult education and online courses – how can our universities continue to learn from the scheme?

Is a Global Recession Good For Distance Learning Institutions?

Much has been written about the effects of economic crisis on education recently. In January, Chris Wall (vice-chairman of Ogilvy, American advertisers who have just embarked on a high-profile e-Learning advertising campaign) stated that ‘”When the economy goes down, people go back to school,” an opinion that has more recently been echoed by the comments of OU Wales director, Rob Humphreys regarding the important “role of part-time HE study in outsmarting the recession.” In all, the ‘credit crunch’ has been seen as an opportunity for this sector to shine, and I for one was enthusiastic at the prospect of witnessing a meteoric rise in online education enrollments.

The Growth of Online Education in China

A recent report has been published detailing the development of e-Learning and online education in China. The report, by, identifies that the sector has reached its “growth stage”, increasing in market scale by 20.7 percent between 2006 and 2007 (from RMB14.5 billion to RMB17.5 billion). So how is the industry set to develop from here? And what can the west learn from the success of the Chinese distance and blended learning systems?

More Than Just Teaching – The Additional Importance of Adult Education

Distance learning and adult education are certainly in the spotlight at the moment. As economic problems spur individuals to improve their CVs or consider a change in career, and universities begin to offer more and more distance and e-Learning courses, now seems the perfect time for adults to think about going back to school. But adult education is not only about teaching older learners new skills and subjects, it also has a wider social importance – and can achieve far more.

Online Courses and Volunteering – Methods For Beating the Recession

Recessions and economic crises are typically considered rough times for most. However, for the online and offline education sector, such widespread financial problems can be seen to boost enrollments and are consequently seen as quite progressive times for institutions and schools alike. This is quite simply because, with increasing redundancies (or at least the increasing risk of redundancies) more and more of us are eager to improve our CVs and get a few extra skills under our belts. However, decisions that are made at such a time are important and can affect your future career immeasurably – and so should not be rushed into.

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