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The Changing Face of Knowledge Delivery – Mobile Learning

There are many IT companies in the market today providing mobile learning applications. These applications can be downloaded onto mobile phones, net books, tablets and palmtop devices that run on Symbian, Android, iOS and Blackberry OS platforms.

The Value Of Online Degrees Has Grown Tremendously

Online degrees are no simpler or easier than any conventional degrees earned at a further education college. Actually, they may be harder to earn as students can be occupied with different obligations which may be nearly as important. They need motivation, willpower, and a great amount of discipline.

Social Learning and Its Advantages

A social learning platform can be developed by creating diverse applications for use on social networking sites. Corporate companies of today have a fan page of their own on Facebook.

Puppetry Exercises With Musical Choral Speech Are a Tool to Enhance Memory and Learning Proficiency

Using puppetry as a tool in the classroom offers a great way to engage the learner while improving their memory capabilities. Speaking characters can improve listening/auditory memory in following directions. This article explains why puppets are effective, and will encourage their application with instruction.

Can Mobile Earning Help to Enhance Student Motivation?

The mobile learning movement is gradually beginning to grow. Learning in educational institutions (and even studying at home) has the potential to be engaging with the integration of m-learning resources. And as a result of this, mobile learning is becoming exceedingly popular.

Problems With Mobile Learning – And How They Can Be Overcome

One of the main difficulties with mobile learning apps is the possibility of pupils getting preoccupied. Mobile phones are generally banned in classrooms for one main reason * they have the potential to divert students’ attention. The number of apps along with games on mobile phones is constantly increasing.

Effective Study Techniques – My 5 Tips

At the age of 57 learning new skills has been a bit of a challenge, made worse by the fact that I have been doing my studies online, at home. Through a process of trial and error I devised 5 guidelines to aid me in studying effectively, they have certainly helped me, hopefully, they will be of use to others.

How to Use Interactive Whiteboards in Online Tutoring Sessions

�� Now that a large number of people are turning to online tutors, there is a great demand to provide a good tutoring experience and deliver results. Although time flexibility and resource availability are huge advantages of online tutoring, it needs to be something different in order to make a difference from classroom learning and therefore provide solutions to students who need help to fully understand concepts. In order to provide such a solution, it is important to use technology to our advantage.

Emergency Medical Technicians – Wanted Everywhere

In CPR training classes one can get trained in the skills to perform resuscitation for just born kids, young children and grown up people. People practicing these skills will be able to get chances for protecting the precious lives of people, who are close to death thereby acting as a very useful course.

Things You Should Know About Online Diploma Courses

Online high school diplomas help students to learn from the comfort of their homes. They can study at their own pace. The fees are also affordable.

Is M-Learning Helping to Improve Education in Developing Nations?

Mobile usage is far more widespread in third world countries than you may initially think. It may seem like they would be too costly or mobile availability would be limited, but yearly growth reports suggest a totally different story. For example the year-on-year growth rate of smart phone consumption throughout India is a staggering 841%.

Holistic Skills Development For Professionals Through Executive Programs

Rapid changes are shaping businesses today. Heightened opportunities and challenges due to growing consumerism have lead to the demand for increased and improved skills and dynamism in the workforce.

How Does Online Tutoring Work?

The days of meeting at the library or staying after school are over. Affordable and high quality tutoring can take place from the comfort of your own home all online. Find out how!

The Core Concept Of Mobile Learning – Pub Debates!

Having a mobile phone has its advantages, but there are some downsides too! The main positive aspect is being able to talk to people that are far away, but this is then combined with the problem of having to communicate with people you don’t really want to talk to (which can be even more horrifying if you accidentally take your phone to the toilet with you!).

Supplement Your Knowledge With The Skills Gathered Through Online Education

How often does it happen that you are stuck in a loop at your workplace because the methods you use and have been using forever are obsolete and nobody understands or follows the practices as you because they are time consuming and limited in scope? When this happens, you know you need to upgrade your skills to keep pace with the advancements in your field. In such a scenario, it is imperative that you make efforts to stay abreast with the latest developments in your area of work and not just learn new skills but also implement them…

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