How To Create A Hastebin Clone

The Way to Promote Your LinkedIn Brand

Developing ways to promote your LinkedIn brand will unequivocally enhance your credibility in the LinkedIn universe. But, what are these methods of promotion?

Industry Opens Its Doors for Certified Project Manager Specialists

The world has been through tumultuous times and the sphere that has taken the brunt of this uncertainty is the economy. The turbulent economic atmosphere has tossed around with the markets all over the world. Now as things are becoming clearer and settled, new trends are emerging, new job markets are being created and the demand is back again.

All About the AutoCAD Interface (Part 1)

The first thing you’ll notice about the AutoCAD interface is the big black space in the middle. It might have guidelines (that’s lines across and up/down) enabled. This area is where you’ll spend most of your time, and it’s called the workspace or the graphic area.

Designing an Artificial Intelligent Avatar Agent to Help With Unsupervised Human Learning Sequence

Everyone’s mind works a little differently, and thank heavens for that, otherwise we’d all be like a bunch of bacteria with a plan to replicate and only one way of doing things, or worse, we’d all live in a beehive of humanity or be members of the Borg, all one, not individuality, no diversity, and no uniqueness; yuk! Whether you like Howard Gardner’s theory on multiple intelligences or not is irrelevant here, but I’d like to pique your curiosity with a topic involving the future of education online – let’s talk.

Is EMT Training Online A Wise Move?

Institutions offering online EMT certification courses permit the interested candidates to prepare for the National EMT Registry examination right at the comfort of their home. All the lessons are presented through the website of these institutions and the learners can get in touch with the instructors through email for getting their doubts clarified. At the end, the EMT training online ensures that the students can learn whatever they understand when they visit the institution as regular students.

School Management Software Is an Online School Partner

School management is now improved by the use of advanced software program. School management software has enhanced schools’ communication and function.

Advice for Finding High School Online Programs

Discover where to locate high school online programs. Learn how you can receive a high school diploma and find out about the K12 International Academy and how it helps students today.

Tech-Savvy Education

Technology in everyday learning is not a choice any more. Using technological aids to teach and learn can broaden the scope of education and make it more engaging, creating more opportunities to involve learners and develop new skills.

How to MOOC: Designing Effective MOOC Training Programs

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are a bit of a chimera – they have the head of instructor-led training, the body of traditional e-learning, and the long tail of social media. They also take advantage of many technology-enabled learning tools and platforms. Just as there are myriad types of brick-and-mortar courses, there are many types of MOOCs, each of which has its own goals and implementations.

New MOOC Models: Blended Learning

If there’s one thing we have learned from the rapid changes in education and training over the past year it is that there is more than one way to do things, even in education. New technologies emerge, they disrupt the status quo, and then, inevitably, they change. This is exactly what has happened with massive open online courses (MOOCs).

Educators: Become an Advocate for Your Online Students

An online educator has many roles to fulfill for each class. They must provide guided instruction and meaningful feedback, manage and control classroom conditions, and facilitate the learning process. The most important aspect of educating students is meeting their developmental needs. When is an educator most effective with that task? When they develop a mindset that is student centered. That means putting the student first and considering their needs and perspective with every learning activity and interaction. It is an instructional strategy that is both supportive and nurturing.

MOOCs: Flipping the Corporate Classroom

MOOCs have challenged the dominant thinking about how people learn. And guess what? Sitting in a room and listening to someone talk for an hour or three isn’t it – mere exposure to content does not equal learning. People learn by engaging with content, participating in hands-on activities, and teaching and learning from their peers.

New MOOC Environments: Distributed Open Collaborative Courses

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) have lately been moving in different directions. Instructors at various institutions have taken the fundamental parts of MOOCs (video lectures, interactive elements, etc.) and reworked them to meet the needs of their particular schools and students.

The Other Side of Simulation: Gamification Is Everything!

Gamified simulations can change the way organizations train up; they have the ability to make normal, day-to-day business operational teaching more compelling and interactive. Gamification is just now beginning to be taken seriously within the simulation industry making organizations sit up and take notice. By utilizing game craft techniques we are able to make simulations that encompass serious concepts and bring them to life and mirror the real-world, just without the potential hazards for a wrong decision made and thus making every day ‘average experiences’ much more compelling.

MOOCs and Microlearning

Most discussions of massive open online courses (MOOCs) focus primarily on the massive component. These courses are huge in every sense of the word-they have massive enrollments, they generate massive amounts of data, and they have certainly caused massive controversy. It’s true that the technology that underlies MOOCs allows for all aspects of instruction to occur on a much larger scale than was ever possible before, but focusing solely on this element masks what is arguably MOOCs’ most valuable contribution to education: flexibility.

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