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Preparing for a Career in Religion Through Online Studies

Obtaining an education in religion can be done by completing accredited online studies. Numerous schools and colleges offer online career preparation to those who cannot attend a traditional school due to various reasons. Training is available in specialized areas and at numerous levels.

Online MBA Marketing for Lucrative Job Offers

A person holding an MBA degree with specialization in MBA marketing is a sought after candidate in reputed companies. MBA in marketing make you a calculated decision maker in your firm. Online MBA in marketing offers you an opportunity to grab the much coveted degree, at your own space!

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Online MBA Degree

Are you toiling with the idea of taking an online MBA degree? If so there are certain aspects that you should be aware of! Acquiring an MBA degree is vital to get a high salaried job and advancement up the commercial ladder.

E-Learning Versus Traditional – Why Traditional Classroom Training Still Rules Over E-Learning

Despite the advances of e-learning programs, the majority of all training still occurs in the classroom. What advantages does traditional classroom training have that allows it to rule the training world?

Soar High With Online MBA Accounting

An online MBA degree which has focus on accounting is called online MBA accounting. It is well suited for business experts who are on the look out to progress their present career chances or change the direction of their career. Excellent opportunities await people who have a degree in MBA accounting in fields like financial management and accounting administration.

Open and Distance Learning Policy Framework – Access, Quality and Cost of Education

“Open and Distance Learning has the exceptional ability of meeting the challenges of the three vectors of dilemma in education delivery, – Access, Quality and Cost.” These were the words of Sir, John Daniel the President of Commonwealth of Learning. The proper answer to the challenges that these three, pose to provision of education for national development, goes a long way in determining  the overall growth of a country.

Open and Distance Learning Policy Framework

Most known government or institutional open and distance policies are mostly born out of the need to regulate the access and cost effective delivery to recipients of education needs that are often constrained by the barrier of distance, space, classroom and hostel accommodation. Basically the policy framework tackles the institutional and operational guidelines for access, stipulating rules, regulations, participating requirements for the intending institutions. This access aspect also involves making the contents of the education either in the awards of certificates, diploma, associate degrees, degrees, post-graduate degree and doctorate degree publicly available and accessible for ready applicants.

Distance and Online Learning – Basic Computing Requirements for the Distance Learner

The Distance Learner generally is the ready learner that is in the quest of seeking knowledge either to satisfy an information needs ranging from career pursuit or upgrade, it may even be for personal enlightenment or personal development. As the Chinese proverbs says “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”. This axiom explains the surge and proliferation of distance and online institutions that abound on the internet today.

Online Education – Panacea for Human Capacity Development

Online education is the authentic accessible platform in this information age for self pace development for the human capacity resource development. This is a good development especially those who are working and wants to further their career without leaving the employment market. The explosion of the information superhighway and adjoining ever developing internet technologies has made education attainment easy and more accessible.

How to Have a Safe Search for Online Degrees

Education set-up reached an evolution stage where reading books and taking down notes were superseded by interactive discussions over the internet. Enrolling to an online degree is one of the most sought options of studying nowadays.

That Special Connection

Every meal is sacred. And though how simple it is, grace abounds. Hence, Korean’s share food, we shared it together that reminds of the last supper.

Western Governor’s University Bachelor Degree in Nursing

Western Governor’s University is a top online college where you can earn your nursing degree and enhance your personal status, increase your salary, increase your knowledge and job security while pursuing something you love. Their nursing program will help you to expand your knowledge and skills beyond the clinical side of nursing to give you knowledge in patient education, health, technology, and health care systems and regulations. With WGU’s nursing degree, employers will accept you everywhere and you will be ready to climb the ranks.

Online Distance Learning – Solution for Human Capacity Development in the 21st Century

Distance education, which has evolved from correspondence learning, first of all from print materials as mode of contents delivery, has metamorphosed into what we called distance education, online education, e-learning, or online education today. Actually it is the mode of delivery that has made the distance barrier thinned into an insignificant constraint as education contents are now easily ported into cost-effective and portable audio and video devices.

Open and Distance Learning Framework for National Development

A national development plan always have a series of educational plans, policies and strategies on building up human resources that will man and oil the various sectors of the economy. In fact, these days, human capacity development index and the accessibility to information and education is what is use to measure a country economy and development. The growth rate of information accessibility through the internet and the revolution of education generally has made human development capacity to be more enhanced, achievable and cost effective than it was in the 70’s and 80’s.

E Learning As Cost Effective Training Solution for Women in the Developing World

Most of Western society views the issue of women in the workforce and women’s rights as a non-issue. It has been tackled in the past and women, in general, are treated with equal respect as with a man. That is true; at least in western and more developed countries. In other parts of the world that still abide by patriarchal and oppressive laws of society; women are still treated like properties, incubators and nannies for the babies. Their full potential to become productive members of society is not fully realized because of the lack of education and the pressures of tradition.

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