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Weekly Unemployment Claims Lowest Since July 2008

First-time unemployment claims are the lowest they have been since July 2008 says a recent Labor Department report, a sign that the market is recovering and more jobs are being created. The government’s weekly job report for the last week of November indicated positive changes being made in the employment sector as the number of claims fell by 34,000 to 407,000. Initial estimates projected a slight rise in unemployment claims and economic forecasters found themselves pleasantly surprised by the significant drop.

The More School the Better: Unemployment 2010

It’s no secret that our national unemployment rate remains at a staggeringly high 9.6%. But, say experts, if you want to beat the status quo and secure a well-paying job in tough economic times- you have to stay in or return to school.

Haiti: Slowly Joining the Global Classroom

For Haiti to successfully rebuild after an earthquake, hurricane and cholera outbreak and years of ongoing national turmoil, access to education must be improved and education technology must be implemented. University of the Peoples, the world’s first tuition-free online university which works to advance global education and access to education, is working to help Haitians displaced from their universities by opening a center where students can take advantage of their online course offerings. Although Haiti is one of the most undereducated and underdeveloped nations in the world, some lucky Haitian citizens have had the chance to pursue…

Touring College Campuses From Home

Do you think you have to actually go to a school to see what it’s like? Think again. Virtual, online tours of ground campuses and their student facilities are becoming increasingly popular among prospective students (and parents).

In Need of Distance Education Schools?

We exist in a modern and fast pace globe where information travels fast from one end of the planet to the other. Our contemporary earth require a lot of skills and information from us before we can keep our jobs.

Carpentry Courses – More Money In It Than You Think

Completing carpentry courses can have a bigger impact on your career than you think. Read on to find out why these courses are no longer being overlooked.

Differences Between Certificate and Degree Program

There are major differences between a certificate and a degree. For example, someone looking to become a carpenter does not need to get a degree; they earn a certificate instead. However, depending upon the career being chosen in a particular field, one may need a degree so as to acquire a suitable job.

Teach Yourself French – French For Beginners

If you’re a complete beginner at learning French or indeed any language, then you may be wondering why learn French? There are a whole bunch of reasons why someone might want to learn another language, French in particular.

Online Degree Programs a New Way of Learning

Before the arrival of the internet, people generally had only one way to earn a college degree. Most people had to put off pursuing a college degree because it simply didn’t fit into their busy lives and work schedules. Today, things have changed and online learning is the new way for working professionals to pursue a college degree and continue working at the same time.

Online Natural Healing Educational Training Choices

Natural healing has become a prevalent form of health care as more individuals turn to non-surgical medical treatments. Students that have a desire to help people heal from ailments using a holistic approach to health care have several options available to them. Online training can be completed in several areas that allow students to enter professional careers.

How to Gain an Education in Coaching Online

There are a number of educational training programs for you to choose from when looking to gain an education in coaching. Coaching professionals are trained to work with various people on accomplishing either business or personal goals.

Effectiveness of ELearning for Rail Training

eLearning provides cost as well as educational advantages for the rail industry. It also has some disadvantages.

Online Training for Achieving CNA Certification

The aspiring nursing assistants, who cannot attend the regular CNA training programs due to lack of time, can now opt for the online training classes provided by several websites all over the globe. These online classes are quite beneficial for the candidates as they save their time and get a job for them.

Join Online Classes for Achieving CNA Certification

Sometimes a question comes to the mind of certain individuals who are unable to attend the CNA classes regularly due to time clashes or some other problems. The question is that whether there are any online CNA classes available that provide flexible timing opportunity. The answer to this is yes, there are many online sites that provide CNA training programs to the individuals.

New Degrees at Strayer University

Strayer University strives to make earning a degree both convenient and affordable for all of their students and has been doing so since 1892. The average age of the 54,000 Strayer University students is 34 years, and the majority of them hold full-time jobs while continuing their education. Therefore, Strayer understands the busy lifestyle of a working professional and they offer several formats to accommodate even the busiest schedules.

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