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Beyond Cost-Savings: Advantages of MOOCs for Corporate Training

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are currently disrupting higher education and the stage is set for them to be a major force in corporate training as well. Although the mere idea of using MOOCs requires a shift in how organizations think about their training programs, much of the infrastructure already exists: more than 70% of companies have a learning management system (LMS) in place, and as of 2011 77% of corporations were already using online learning in their training programs. Compared to higher education, where debates about online versus face-to-face content delivery are still quite heated, corporations have…

Using MOOCs in Corporate Training Programs

When MOOC-mania hit first exploded, a general panic arose in higher education: Would MOOCs make colleges and universities obsolete? As the dust has started to settle and stakeholders have been able to assess the new technology, the general consensus (at least for now) is “No.” MOOCs will not kill higher education, but they will greatly impact how it is delivered.

Rapid eLearning and MOOCs: Keeping Up With Change

Technology is changing at an exponential rate. Think just about the past year or so: mobile devices now outnumber people, online entertainment is rapidly eclipsing television watching, and you no longer have to leave your house to earn a degree. These changes have an impact on businesses in all sectors, but because of the intense pace, it is not always possible to develop new training courses or schedule employee training days fast enough.

How to MOOC: Technology-Enabled Learning Tools

Just in case you’ve been under a rock lately, here is a news update: the nature of training is changing, and fast! The recent explosion of massive open online courses (MOOCs) in higher education has brought with it a whole new set of technology-enabled learning tools. Education and training are no longer delivered exclusively in closed classrooms by experts, and learning is no longer something people do in isolation surrounded by textbooks.

CNA Training in Illinois

Illinois is a state with great opportunities for Certified Nursing Assistants. Across the U.S., there is a significant increase in the demand for healthcare services and professionals. This is due to the growing proportion of elderly Americans in need of medical treatment and supervision.

Top Tips For Choosing Distance Learning Degrees And Their Benefits

With the responsibility of supporting the family, keeping up with the ongoing work and in an urge to receive further education without relocating, distance learning degrees are expanding and continuing to grow in popularity. Through online and distance education, degrees at various levels can be achieved without attending a regular college located in a physical location and this virtual world of today is offering various degree levels such as an associate degree, bachelor’s and master’s degree and even a PhD.

CNA Classes in Maine

CNA careers in Maine are very common choice. With the building economy in a slump and other local industries going down, becoming a certified nurse assistance is seems to be a great employment opportunity. Not only does becoming a Nurses Aide give you plenty of employment options but it also gives you a new beginning in the medical field, which if played right can lead to other positions, such as a Registered Nurse, Certified Nurse Midwife and Nurse Practitioner. Online CAN courses can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Get Better Scores in Biology With Several Online Worksheets

Several biology worksheets are available online. Students can use these to become comfortable with this subject. By solving these worksheets, students can get better understanding in biology and hence, they can achieve good scores in exams.

CNA Classes in Idaho

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant in Idaho is one of the fastest ways to take advantage of the growing demand for healthcare professionals across the country. Despite the state’s rural expanses and large farmland area, there are many opportunities for nurse aides in the state.

Choosing The Best Online MBA Program

We have all been made aware that the best way to get a good job is to have a college degree. There are numerous reasons that people go directly into the workforce from High School as for many it is lack of money to finance a degree including living away from home and for others it could be that they knew that going directly to college was not going to be good for them at that time as they had other issues to deal with first.

The Need for New Certified Nursing Assistants

CNAs are important to the running of any effective and busy clinic; to take care of the well-being of all the new individuals who for some will be making their first visits to a doctor in many years. CNAs will be able to help the physician by checking individual’s vital signs such as temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and heart rate. These signs are important for the physician to have before beginning a new patient exam. They will also give shots as well as some immediate training on how to take care of some diseases.

E-Books Vs Printed Books

With the digital invasion that is happening in our lives, one aspect that we never imagined as kids to change namely the basic process of reading a book has undergone a complete makeover. It was always hardback or paperback. Hardback mostly if it was a gift or some gigantic book, paperback if we got it for ourselves.

How To Upgrade Yourself To The PMBOK(R) Guide 5th Edition

This article outlines a possible approach to “upgrade” yourself from having studied the PMBOK Guide fourth edition, and you now have to take the fifth edition exam. However, we all learn differently. You should adjust this approach to your own needs.

Florida CNA Classes

There are many CNA courses in Florida which prepare you for the state competency examination for licensure. CNAs are healthcare workers who provide personal care for patients in a variety of health care settings. CNA jobs are are in demand and finding employment is never an issue. CNA jobs provide job stability in the health care industry.

Choosing the Right Online Education Program

My main motivations for wanting an advanced degree were to teach and to earn extra money doing it. As I’ve discovered from my years as an online instructor, many people enroll in school for many reasons. I’ve found that the overall main reason is self-improvement.

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