Beginner JavaScript Game Dev Project

Data Science Certification – Flight to a Glorious Career

WHO ARE DATA SCIENTISTS? Data scientists are experts with the expertise and skills to interpret the complex data. They combine a mathematician’s and a computer scientist’s skills.

Top 3 Benefits of Blended Learning

The articles highlights the 3 main benefits of blended learning for corporates. This type of learning is used often among corporates these days as it augments the benefits of training, reduces and simplifies logistics and permits employees with a greater control of their learning. Therefore, employees have a better retention of the various topics as they are applying what they learn constantly.

Increasing Use of Mobile Apps To Revolutionize The Microlearning Experience

Today, the focus of organizations is that, learning needs should be tailored to modern workplace environment, which means supporting continuous learning rather than discrete learning events. With infrastructure and devices getting quicker, affordable and smarter, people are more likely to adopt different kinds of mobile technologies. As per research, there are around 2.

Challenges and Advantages of E-Learning: Creative Learning Experience

E-Learning, the word specifies the concept that the learning through the electronic device like desktop, laptop, CD-Rom, Digital Television or mobile. However, now the learning through mobile also referred as m-learning.

Technology Inspires Social Change: 21st Century, An Outlook

The prominence of technology in the millennial person’s life remains noteworthy. With the introduction of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, to name a few, there are countless platforms for global interaction. From transnational marketing campaigns to communal events, social media has set a benchmark whereby information travels across the World Wide Web.

Introduction to Strength of Materials

Introduction:- In earlier studies we have undergone a basic course in mechanics of Rigid Bodies, more commonly referred to as Engineering Mechanics or Applied Mechanics. Mechanics as such is subdivided into three branches; Mechanics of Rigid bodies, Mechanics of Deformable Bodies and Mechanics of fluids.

Making Your Schedule Flexible With Online Learning

The biggest enemies you’ll face in life are often times to do with you. Isn’t getting out of the bed difficult? Or perhaps your lifestyle choices come into conflict with your other, less fun goals, such as career and kids. Or maybe you’re just unlucky and happen to live next to no one else. Either way, the solution for you is simple: Online Learning.

BTEC Level 3 Engineering Principles (Unit 1): Alternative Approaches to Effective Teaching

All new BTEC Level 3 Nationals qualifications in Engineering now include the mandatory unit, Engineering Principles (Unit 1), which is assessed by examination. This is a 120-hour unit, containing technical content from both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering disciplines. Due to the nature of this unit, it is likely that it will be challenging for Schools and Colleges to deliver and may also be difficult for students to develop the knowledge and understanding required to excel in the exam. In this article we will explore some alternative approaches to the delivery of this unit, with a view to enabling students to achieve their full potential.

Computer Based Examination – All You Need To Know

With an abrupt rise in technology, we experienced the ultra modern tools to enhance our style of living. This has even parted the traditional examination system to active computer based exam. Earlier, it was registrations that will take near about 4-5 months to enroll the interested set of candidates by filling and submitting a long list of documents.

Understanding the Importance of the Jasper Soft Corporate Training

The recent economic situations are forcing the multinational companies in diversifying their methodologies and think the new way for increasing their profits. These possibilities have created the need for new professional courses and training modules which can help the companies as well as the individual worker to have a better understanding of the economy and how can they optimally utilize the available resources for better profits.

Important Benefits of eLearning for Students

Because of the wide arrangement of advantages it provides for students, eLearning has turned out to be very famous and acknowledged among students everywhere throughout the world. Technology and education are a great combination if used together with a right reason and vision.

What Is the Importance of Having the Pentaho Online Training?

With the onset economic progress in the country and better trading opportunities, the need for more talented and skilled labor has increased. The advent of new technologies has only made the requirement more urgent.

Top Ways You Can Grow Your Sales Using Business Analytics Training

Using investigative tools, a company can ensure their resources are used optimally. Better resource allocation means better profits for the firm.

Why Take 20 Weeks for Your PE Exam Review?

When I first started teaching a mechanical engineering PE exam review course, sometime in the early 1990’s, the course was taught in a classroom with PowerPoint slides and an overhead projector. I know, old school indeed. But I learned a lot about what worked and didn’t work teaching variations of this course over the years. In the end, I discovered that 20 weeks of review time was optimal for a PE Exam review. And that’s why all my online PE exam review courses are based on a 20-week time frame. I do offer shortened or extended versions of these courses, but they are all based on this 20-week ideal. So what is it about 20 weeks that works so well? Let’s take a look back at some of the experiences that led to this realization.

How Can Mobile Apps Streamline the eLearning Industry?

eLearning is following closely the expansion of the wireless and mobile networks. What does it mean for the future of the industry? How should wireless technologies change to support this way of learning?

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