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How to Approach Your Employer About Going Back to School

Going back to school can always entail some challenges along the way and approaching your employer to gain support for your goals to achieve higher education is a good idea. If you have not checked already, reference your employee handbook to see if you may be eligible for tuition assistance. Normally you are more likely to find tuition reimbursement programs in larger companies, but it never hurts to ask if it could be an option at a smaller company.

Open and Distance Learning Education – Access to Higher Education in Developing Countries

A common challenge for developing countries or economies is the inadequate access to Higher education needed for human capital development. For instance in Nigeria university sub-sector over 1.1 million candidates with about 75% of them having the minimum academic requirements, sit for the nationally organized Universities Matriculation examination annually, whereas the existing universities in Nigeria can only absorb about 220,000 new entrants.

Prepare to Go Back to School Online

Education is a powerful tool to have in life. Obtaining a higher education opens up more job opportunities that are higher paying. Getting that valuable education is made easier and more convenient than ever with the option of getting an education online. Online students gain knowledge, skills, and experience, but they do it from the comfort of their own home, whenever and wherever they have internet access.

Training Options for Online Engineering Career Education Programs

Gaining an accredited education in engineering will allow students to pursue the career of their dreams, and can be done through various online schools and colleges. Online educational programs offer a number of options to choose from when entering into a career training program in this field. Students can receive training at a variety of levels, and in numerous areas. Accredited career training will help students gain the skills and knowledge they need for a successful career.

Top Reasons to Earn an Online Doctorate

Going back to school is not just for those seeking a two or four-year degree. Those individuals who already possess a bachelor’s and master’s degree may desire to earn a doctorate online. The advantages of an online doctorate are many – flexibility, reduced cost, and convenience. The reasons to work for this PhD are likewise varied and diverse.

How to Obtain an Online Hospitality Management Education

The field of hospitality is used in a variety of industries. Students can enter online training in hospitality management and learn how to plan and manage various aspects of the field such as events and employees. Obtaining an education online is possible when students enroll in a college or university that offers this degree.

The Risks of Distance Learning

Many people today log on and are showered with the adverts for ‘psychological’ distance learning and hit by the pages claiming fantastic results and powerful learning! It is even possible to attain a distance learning “psychotherapy” award over the internet and what is more unfortunate is that there are insurance companies who are ready to insure people in their award.

Tips While Choosing An Accredited MBA Program

If you want to have a winning edge for your career and you are a graduate then I would suggest you to go ahead and apply for an MBA. Being an MBA will give you an upper hand as it prepares you for a best career in business and believe me that this cannot be achieved by any other degree. When you apply for the accredited MBA programs the program actually identifies a person who is schooled in all aspects of business and has a broad based perspective who is ready for different types of management duties. You can have a significant goal in your professional life and the best way you can have that is by opting for an accredited online MBA program.

Criticism of Online Education

Correspondence MBA has been in demand since long. However, it used to be a long process as the formalities of joining and sending course materials to a student used to take a long time. Nowadays technology has come to aid and made online enrolling and studying very easy. A student can easily get access to the course material from anywhere and at any time.

Information At the Tip of Your Finger

It may be too much to say, but the evidence are pouring, that slowly, Internet is replacing what the books and tangible reading materials can provide. Fewer students go to the library and research on hard-bound books and more students are buying their own personal computers to use for researching. Books and references are perceived to be more reliable compared to online researching but then going to the libraries are time consuming that nobody would want to spend the rest of their day just sitting in one corner and take down notes.

Online Project Management Courses

Online project management courses are very becoming popular nowadays. Mainly the course focuses on the planning, organization and utilization of many resources. It also gives emphasis on the use of project management tools to make these projects become successful.

What Can You Expect From a Medical Coding Program?

For those considering taking a medical coding program, this article delves into what a medical program entails. From learning online to the topics covered in a typical program, you will learn what to expect when you take your courses. Be well-versed in medical coding instruction areas and certification benefits. Medical coding programs offer all of the hands-on and theoretical instruction needed to take the next step in your career.

Top 10 Reasons to Prepare for ICD-10 Now

Many coders and health care professionals think that they should wait to start ICD-10 training. However, with the amount of new ICD-10 codes that need to be learned (50,000+) and transition time to get an organization up to speed, they should get a jump start on their education now. Early preparation is key! Ample time is needed to fully learn the new codes and gain a career advantage.

Phlebotomy Certification Guide

Every phlebotomist needs to be certified. The exam, like any other exam requires due concentration and preparation. Phlebotomy certification guides are easily available and can help students prepare for this exam. The guide lists everything you need to know to ace the test. It also offers a systematic way to study and answers all the questions that you might possibly have about phlebotomy.

What Is Phlebotomy

Phlebotomy simply defined, is the ancient method that was used to remove a certain amount of blood from a person or patient’s vein. Phlebotomy is actually a very common procedure that is done almost a million times a day at any hospital or clinic.

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