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Free CNA Training From Nursing Homes

For those interested in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, it is an appealing thought to receive training for free. There are opportunities in many nursing homes to gain CNA training for free. The steps to attaining free training this way are really quite simple. First, find a facility that offers the training.

Say “No” to Student Loans: Ways to Save Tuition Dollars on an Online Degree

Adult learners may have some tuition assistance from their company, but usually not the entire cost of a degree. This article will review some ways to save tuition dollars and will help cut the amount paid out-of-pocket for a degree, and perhaps eliminate the need for Student Loans. Some cost savings ideas are: community college, Prior Learning Assessment, Credit-by-Examination and other helpful hints.

Online MBA Programs VS Attending College MBA Programs

Due to advances in technology and change in preferences by students, online MBA programs were created. These programs are usually for working people that want to change a career path or get a promotion at work. Online MBA programs are flexible. You don’t have to attend classes on campus. You can choose when you want to study. Traditional programs on the other hand have practical assignments and team work. Both MBA programs, traditional and online, have similarities and differences that lead to certain advantages and disadvantages.

Prepping for the ABIM Exam: An Internist’s Candid Perspective (Part II)

This is Part II of a five part series where Dr. Feng covers his experience studying and preparing for the Internal Medicine Board (ABIM) exam. This portion describes the strategies he used during his exam study review in order to gain Internal Medicine Board Certification.

Learning Management System – A Learning Platform That Makes Teaching and Fun

If you are like most people, you have been through the entire deal. Although learning is important, a lot of people would agree that surviving the entire learning process through traditional learning institutions is an understatement. Is there anyway to make it fun? Of course there is and it’s here in our midst.

CNA Classes Online – Are You Looking for Free Online Courses?

If you are working paycheque to paycheque then you probably have nothing much squirreled away to pay for your family’s monthly expenses let alone for your education. Everyone is abuzz about taking CNA classes online these days to further their career goals and income. So the bug for getting trained online has bitten you as well.

A Guide to Effective Internet Research

We are bombarded with lots of information on the internet. Whatever topic that you will try to research, we are given with a long list of amazing results. True enough, the internet proves to be a great source of general information but bear in mind that this is also a public forum where anyone can just make a bold assertion regarding a certain topic. So don’t immediately believe on whatever facts that you encountered while doing internet research. You need to check first how truthful and reliable it is.

Best MBA Online Programs for Your Health Care Career

Enrolling in the Best MBA online programs will increase the chances of you having a successful career in the health care industry. The health care field is in constant development and its attractiveness is growing.There are many courses in this particular field and before you choose the right course for you, you have to keep in mind many things that designate the right path you should take. Having an MBA degree brings your professional game to a new level making understanding the MBA and its aspects even more important.

Is Getting an Online MBA Degree Possible?

An Online MBA degree or Masters of Business Administration is possible only if you have a bachelor’s degree. There are few MBA programs: part time courses, distance learning programs, regular courses, specialized courses and online MBA programs. The traditional MBA program usually lasts two years, but that is not the case with the online MBA program. The online MBA program is flexible and you can choose when you want to study, meaning it depends only on you, when you are going to finish it

Prepping for the ABIM Exam: An Internist’s Candid Perspective (Part I)

If you are reading this, then congratulations. You have finished, or are about to finish, internal medicine residency. To get to this point, you have successfully passed the MCAT, USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2 CK, USMLE Step 2 CS, and USMLE Step 3.

GRE OR GMAT? Confused?

With the rising levels of acceptability of GRE scores — earlier taken by students wanting to pursue only non-business courses — by premium B-schools, which until recently only used to consider GMAT for admission into its business courses, most students are increasingly facing the dilemma of choosing between the lesser of the two evils – if there is one. The article is an attempt at helping them arrive at that career-defining decision.

Why So Many Find Learning Challenging – Are We Using The Wrong Techniques?

It’s been widely recognized for a long time now that learning is what we humans do best. It’s how we have been able to accomplish all that we have done. We have survived, developed and prospered as a result of our power to develop learning skills. We learn from our experiences, from our surroundings and, perhaps most notably, from others who have learned ahead of us.

Business Education Alternatives to the MBA

The MBA is still very popular with adult learners, but there are business education alternatives that may enhance your career in a less expensive way. This article will review some reasons to pursue the MBA and some less expensive alternatives.

Can I Study and Receive Certification As an EKG Technician Online?

Learn about online options for becoming certified as an EKG technician. Training and testing can be done online and faster than you think.

Communicating With New Online Learners Means the Difference Between Passing and Failing

Online course instructors face many challenges when working with distance learning students. Instructors must be familiar with the material they are teaching and be comfortable with their content delivery models. However, one of the biggest challenges comes in working with online students who are struggling, not only with the course work but with their own confidence as well.

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