10 Must Know Git Commands That Almost Nobody Knows

Mobile Learning – Gets Learners Performance Support Via Their Mobile Devices

Mobile learning has made a powerful contribution in the area of training – making it available as per the needs of the learner, anytime and anywhere. Can mobile learning management systems provide more than just learning nuggets or can they be utilized to provide performance support well?

Fiber Glass: Slayter and Thomas Create a New Insulator

The glass strands are made of different sorts of glass relying on the fiberglass utilization. These glasses all contain silica or silicate, with shifting measures of oxides of calcium, magnesium, and at times boron.

The Science Behind Gamification

For years learning professionals have been researching ways to engage learners to the learning process until recently the answer was discovered in games! It is through games that learners’ tend to increase their natural desire for competition, goal achievement, and genuine self-expression, while promoting interactivity.

Pros of Online Measurement Converter Websites

Measurement converter websites are a very useful tool for students, businessmen, and professionals, working in different aspects of the market. These online tools allow users to convert units instantaneously and correctly.

Invention Tour: That Changed The World

To invent is to create something new and something that did not exist before. An invention can be an idea, a principle (such as democracy), a poem, a dance or a piece of music. Technology is the practical application of our understanding of the world to achieve the things we need or want to do. Technology goes beyond “things” such as computers or bicycles it includes techniques and processes such as the alphabet, numerical systems and extraction of metals form their ores.

Online Medical Assistant Training Programs

Online medical assistant training programs have become extremely popular, as the interest in this lucrative field continues to grow at a rapid pace. Based on the potential for long-term employment and job growth, training takes surprisingly little time. Both online and campus-based training have their benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important that you research your potential school options thoroughly to determine whether an online program will meet your needs and expectations.

Expanded Classrooms With Hybrid Learning – Blended Learning

Combine traditional “brick-and-mortar” school structure with the latest LMS and Social Media to expand your teaching realm throughout the far reaches of cyberspace. The structure of ‘hybrid learning’, or ‘blended learning’ courses can significantly vary from one class to another. The instructor of a hybrid course typically determines what instructional activities should be online or face-to-face depending on the learning goals, course objectives, content, and available resources. Similarly, the timetable for face-to-face versus online work can be organized in quite different ways that may reflect not only pedagogical criteria but also the particular circumstances of the instructor and students. The instructor lectures and facilitates class discussion in the face-to-face classes, students complete online assignments based on these classroom activities, then these online assignments are posted to asynchronous discussion forums for online discussion; An instructor places lectures online using voiceover PowerPoint or streaming media for students to review, then subsequently in class students use these preliminary online materials to engage in face-to-face small group activities and discussions; Students prepare small group projects online, post them to discussion forums for debate and revision, then present them in the face-to-face class for final discussion and assessment. Incorporate new cyber-tools to expand your classroom.

7 Tips on Selecting The Best Online Graduate Program

We are all familiar with the traditional system of education where we go to a college in person, fulfill the attendance requirements, take exams and earn a degree. The new system allows you to earn educational degrees online. This is for the convenience of students who cannot attend regularly either because they are working or they live in a far off state that makes travelling unfeasible. The other advantage is that in many cases it can be tailored to suit your convenience to the greatest possible extent.

Excel Dashboards, Design Principles and 10 Golden Rules

Creating a dashboard in Excel is not the same as creating a standard table-driven analysis. It’s helpful to be familiar with fundamental dashboard concepts before venturing off into the mechanics of building your own.In this article we discuss basic dashboard concepts and design principles.

How Do You Choose A Degree Course And A Good University?

Education is crucial in life and the decisions you make particularly in college or at the university level can play a role in making you the person you turn out to be in the future. You have the potential of directing your life towards the person you wish to become by making the right choice with your degree course and the university too. There are so many universities. You also have a wide range of majors at your disposal. What makes a difference is what you choose in the end; hence, the need to go for the best option.

Why You Need to Get an E-Commerce Diploma

You might notice that most of today’s youngest billionaires are making their living through the Internet. For some, you might think it’s just because they are purely genius and can formulate everything out on the computer, typing in some codes and eureka, they found their major breakthrough and jumped on Forbes’ list of billionaires. But, there is more to that. What made them truly successful is not because of their IQ. It is simply because they fully understand how the internet works.

MLearning – Cost Effective Learning Solution

Over the last few years, Mobile Learning has emerged as the easy and cost effective platform for learning for the new age corporate learners. For quick and efficient delivery, mobile devices are now easily available and affordable for all.

CAD Drafting: An Interesting Career Choice

This article offers an overview of the role and responsibility involved in CAD draftsman jobs. Also discussed is why it is an interesting alternative for those who have a knack for design and are good at analytical problem-solving.

The Future of Free Online Learning

E-learning has been around since 1999, when the phrase was coined at a seminar in Los Angeles. Since then the online learning industry has boomed, with the influx of online courses, video tutorials and online degrees. Though this industry is thriving, it is still within its infancy with room for innovation and new ways of connecting people through community education.

Converting Classroom Training to Virtual Training

If your organization is like most, you have a wealth of face-to-face classroom courses that are ideal candidates for conversion to an online delivery format. E-learning is clearly the trend of the future, so what can training managers do to move with the times?

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